Tanya DiSalvo interview

Owner, Tanya DiSalvo, catches up with Production Machining magazine

It takes a lot of moving parts to keep a precision machine shop running smoothly. In business for over 65 years, Criterion Tool has an exceptional leader to ensure business is humming along. Third-generation owner, Tanya DiSalvo, had a moment recently to catch up with Production Machining magazine to talk about how she started in the business, what makes Criterion stand out in the industry and what it takes to be a successful business woman.

Reflecting over her tenure at Criterion, Tanya DiSalvo said she is most proud of her team. “We are small, but we are mighty in that we spend time investing in our people. I want them trained and happy. I not only want their hands doing the tasks that what we need them to do, but I want their brains engaged so we can get even better at doing what we are doing. We are in a high standard industry, so we need to expect high-standards with every job, and it needs to be done the same way, every time. It’s important that everyone is trustworthy, reliable, dependable and all working as a team.”  

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