Criterion Instrument provides precision inspection and documentation services.

Criterion's Inspection equipment includes the following:

OASIS® - Optical Automatic Smart Inspection System

Oasis® - Optical Automatic Smart Inspection System has been added to Criterion's precision inspection department.
The Oasis® is a full-featured, non-contact video profile measurement and inspection system that allows inspectors to measure multiple dimensions on a part simultaneously and instantly


Window of 0.48" x 0.39’’
Accurate to: 0.0002 inches

Global Advantage 5x5x5 mm CMM and Tesatar-sm® Probe.

Global Advantage 5x5x5 mm CMM with TESASTAR-sm® probe and utilizing PC-DMIS & SPC software.

19.69” x 19.69” x 19.69”
Weight: 500 lbs.
TESASTAR-sm® Probe

Keyence IM 6225 Image Dimension Measurement System

A combination of advanced software and high quality precision optics, among other components, make the Keyence IM 6225 an exceedingly fast piece of vision-based inspection equipment. With automatic position and origin recognition, the IM 6225 can perform hundreds of individual measurements on a single part simultaneously.

Image Pickup: 
1" 6.6 mega pixel monochrome CMOS

Field of View: 
Wide field: ø100 × L200 mm ø3.94" × 7.87", High precision: 25 × L125 mm 0.98" × 4.92"

Keyence IM-7020 Head & IM-7001Controller Image Dimension Measurement System

Fast, consistent and easy to use, the Keyence IM-7020 Head & IM-7001 Controller can measure up to 99 dimensions on up to 100 parts at one time.  With automatic focus and measurement the Keyence IM gives consistent results and ease of use that allows any level of operator to use without measurement experience required.

Image Pickup: 
1” 6.6 mega pixel monochrome CMOS

Field of View: 
Wide Field: 200mm x 200mm 7.87 x 7.87” (4x R50)
High Precision: 125 x 125mm 4.92 x 4.92”