We add team members that are dedicated individuals used to performing at very high standards. Criterion is a small but mighty player in the precision machining industry.  We are cutting edge & innovative with our equipment, our processes, our people and our facility.  We strive to deliver great customer service inside & outside our organization.

Criterion makes parts for the “No Failure Industries”.  When you keep customers for a long time, it is very important that everyone on the teams is: trustworthy, reliable, forthright, dependable, honest, and confident.  We strive for a positive culture and to make the job rewarding. Here, each individual counts, each individual matters.  Collectively our efforts make us successful.  


Self leadership & the ability to lead and guide others as well as the organization helps provide clarity to our strategic direction.

Believing in others, keeping confidences, and feeling safe to express vulnerabilities.

A strong feeling of support and allegiance with each other and the company.

Being wholly aligned in principles, words, and actions, while speaking the truth in every situation and relationship.

Do the uncomfortable and take a risk. Having the ability to grow your knowledge and experience personally and professionally propels us all to excel.

The accuracy and quality of our product and our actions creates a stable repeatable work environment & experience for our customers & our team.

When everyone is working together, supporting each other and instilling confidence, we can reach new heights.

Individual and collective leadership drives results. When we fail, we own it, resolve it, and learn the lesson to avoid it in the future.

A happy workplace is a productive workplace.


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Air conditioned environment
Our facilities are designed to keep you comfortable regardless of the temps outside.

no drugs

Drug-free environment
We provide a safe work environment and encourage personal health.

piggy bank

401K Savings Plan
Contribute a portion of your paycheck to an individual account to save for retirement.

Paid Holidays
We provide numerous holidays as paid days off so you can celebrate as you wish.

Health Care Benefits
Keeping Criterion team members healthy physically and emotionally is our priority.

Paid Time Off (PTO)
We work hard and play harder. Earn PTO days to recharge away from the office.

cap and book

Education and Training Tuition Paid
Looking to expand your skills and knowledge? We'll help you.