Criterion Tool, Inc. President Tanya DiSalvo

A Lesson in Energy Management

Recently, Tanya DiSalvo, President of Criterion Tool, Inc. sat down with Farmers National Bank to discuss thriving women-owned businesses for their next issue of Capital Ideas. Successfully transitioning the family business from her father, there were some challenges along the way. “While my dad was here, we spent time behind closed doors deciding who makes the call,” she said. “I was flexing my muscles in operations, but my dad always made the final call. I would tell everyone in the shop one thing, but my dad would say something else.”

Developing a solid transition plan and determined to ensure the business didn’t become a manufacturing cliche, she took matters into her own hands. “I don’t know how you learn to be a business owner, other than you wake up one morning and get a right hook across the jaw. There were definitely some lessons learned,” she notes.

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