Back After A Positive COVID Test


In early August, President of Criterion Tool, Tanya DiSalvo, found herself added to the COVID-positive nationwide statistic. After a quick nasal swab and a positive diagnosis she discovered she still had many unanswered questions. With employees’ health and safety on the line, Tanya was determined to find a way through a potential shut down.

She sat down with Miles Free, of the Precision Machined Parts Association (PMPA) to discuss the steps she and her leadership team took in preparation of and during an active COVID-19 case in the office.

“You can’t sink the ship with one bad decision”, she states about empowering her leadership team while she was out of the office fighting her battle with the coronavirus.

Her biggest takeaway from being out of the office and out of the daily grind? “There are a lot of ways to get things done. I thought I knew the best way because someone knighted me President and so my way was going to be great. But, there are other great, smart people out there on my team that have managed to figure it out and if I pause, and allow them to execute, we’re better as a group then me issuing mandates and dictatoring things. It makes my life so much better.”

Learn what steps she and her team took to keep an “essential” company open while maintaining a safe place for her employees to continue producing precision machined parts for the “no failure” industries.

Listen to the 30-minute podcast now: