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Why Manufacturing Today Is Not What It Used to Be

“Test fast, fail fast, adjust fast. Keep moving because otherwise you’re going to get squashed.” 

President of Criterion Tool, Tanya DiSalvo, joins Frances Brunelle on the Women and Manufacturing (WAM) podcast. Episode #104, titled “Why Manufacturing Today Is Not What It Used to Be with Tanya DiSalvo” covers multiple topics ranging from taking over the family business to transitioning to a successful female-owned manufacturing company, thriving in the no-failure industries. 

What’s the biggest asset in business these days? “The ability to make a decision and determine whether it was a good one. I don’t know how you learn to be successful. You’ve got to hang around smart people and you’ve got to make a lot of mistakes and you’ve got to make them to learn. And if you don’t make them, the business will consume you because it’s happening around you and no decision isn’t a decision.” 

Tune into the episode or listen below to learn how Tanya became the visionary of Criterion Tool, differentiated herself from her father’s legacy and is helping to shift the mindset surrounding manufacturing jobs for recent graduates: