Passion Meets Precision: The Inspiring Story of Tanya DiSalvo in Manufacturing

In the world of family businesses, success is not always handed to you on a silver platter. For Tanya DiSalvo, her journey into the world of manufacturing was an eventful one, marked by challenges and triumphs. Today, she proudly stands as an integral part of the Criterion team, a company known for its precision machine shop in Brook Park, Ohio, and its contributions to the medical device and weapons/defense industries.

Tanya’s first encounter with manufacturing was during her high school years when she assisted her dad with a mailing task. Though seemingly straightforward, it turned out to be a humbling experience. After stuffing envelopes and applying labels and stamps, her father noticed that they were all crooked. Dissatisfied with the result, he asked her to redo the task. However, Tanya’s father didn’t stop there; he also took away her car keys and withheld her payment for the job. While she was upset at the time, this early experience taught her a valuable lesson in precision and attention to detail.

In 1998, she officially joined Criterion, embarking on a journey that would shape her future and the future of the company. What sets manufacturing apart for Tanya is the process of creating something tangible. The ability to craft and produce real-world products is, as she puts it, “cool!” In manufacturing, countless processes come together to make the world function smoothly, and Tanya takes pride in Criterion’s expertise that supports critical industries like medical devices and weapons/defense.

Beyond the thrill of creation, Tanya is passionate about promoting rewarding careers in manufacturing, especially for women. She believes that manufacturing companies require support at all levels, and opportunities are abundant. While some may envision manufacturing as merely working on the shop floor operating machines, Tanya emphasizes that there is so much more to it. Departments like quality control play a pivotal role in ensuring products meet high standards. Engineering support demands strong mathematical and computer skills. Operation support, purchasing, accounting, marketing, sales – the manufacturing industry is a rich tapestry of opportunities for individuals with diverse passions and skill sets. Best described in her own words, “Manufacturing is the ultimate team sport”.

To women (and anyone) considering a career in manufacturing, Tanya’s advice is simple yet powerful – GO FOR IT! The manufacturing community thrives on diversity and fresh perspectives. Whether it’s working on the shop floor, optimizing processes, designing products, or supporting various departments, your passion and skills are invaluable assets that can drive innovation and success.

Tanya DiSalvo’s journey in manufacturing has not only contributed to the growth and success of Criterion but has also served as an inspiration to aspiring individuals seeking careers in this dynamic industry. Her commitment to excellence, passion for the process, and dedication to promoting opportunities for all underscore the importance of individuals like her in shaping the future of manufacturing. So, if you’re considering a career in manufacturing, take a page out of Tanya’s book and step into this world of endless possibilities – your passion and expertise will undoubtedly find a place in the manufacturing community.

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