Essential business during COVID19

Criterion Remains Open During State-wide Shelter in Place Order

    On 22 March 2020, Ohio’s Governor issued a “shelter in place order” asking all non-essential businesses to close. Criterion Tool & Die, Inc. is a direct supplier to customers that the United States Government has identified as essential suppliers responsible for delivering parts required by essential government functions. As such, Criterion is considered an Essential Critical Infrastructure Worker and is allowed to continue their valuable work despite the COVID-19 outbreak.

    Under the US Government’s guidelines, you are an Essential Critical Infrastructure Worker given you are a key supplier to Criterion. As such, we ask that you continue to supply Criterion during the COVID- 19 outbreak. Please ask your local authorities to allow those employees or contractors needed to ensure this supply permission to travel to and from work. Of course, the health and safety of your employees and the public is paramount, so please ensure you have instituted all appropriate procedures to limit the transmission of coronavirus among the employees at your facilities set forth in the CDC’s guidelines.

    Please contact me directly with any questions or concerns you may have about your organization’s ability to continue on-time fulfillment of Criterion business orders. Thank you in advance for your continued support.


    Tanya DiSalvo, President
    Criterion Tool & Die, Inc.