Mitsubishi 1200 EDM Wire

Criterion Tool Unveils Cutting-Edge Mitsubishi MV1200 EDM Wire Machine

    It’s all about innovation on the work floor of Criterion Tool, Inc. A brand new Mitsubishi MV1200 EDM precision machine is making its new home and settling in amongst precision technicians at Criterion Tool. With weeks of installation and continuous testing to ensure optimal performance and laser-precision accuracy, it’s now ready to get to work. 

    The addition of this heavy-hitter will allow Criterion Tool continued dedication to producing highly intricate machined parts and the ability to continue to deliver quality products at the request of dedicated customers. The MV1200 is incredibly reliable with its non-contact Cylindrical Drive System on the X & Y axis drives. It features a 19-inch cell-phone like touchscreen which provides a seamless interaction with its userface. 

    New software allows technicians with a setup checklist and enhanced maintenance screens for quality control and to help keep track of operations. Brand new common shape macros provide a reduction in programming time by as much as 88%, allowing Criterion Tool the flexibility to complete larger manufacturing projects faster. 

    Watch the Mitsubishi EDM machine in action!

    Additional features from the manufacturer include: 

    • V350-V AEII Power Supply with Digital Spark Control 
    • DMX-S (Digital Matrix Sensor) Shapes each spark reducing electrode wear 
    • Non-contact, Zero Back-Lash Linear Shaft Drive System XY (UV-Z use ball screws) 
    • All Fiber Optic servo control (4X faster internal communication speed) 
    • Submerged Machining to 8.7″ Deep 
    • Automatic Fluid Level Control 
    • Manual Vertical Machine Tank door operation 
    • Three Piece Hardened 3-Sided Stainless Work Table 
    • Fine Grain “Dianite” Casting Material 
    • Split Axis Construction (Table Moves in X, Column Moves in Y) 
    • CFAST Compact Flash Card memory with 1GB user program storage 
    • Fully-Automatic Rough Machining Control covers PM, CM-R and EM functions 
    • Program Input Methods: Keyboard, USB Flash Memory, and Ethernet with FTP standard 
    • DC-Servo (Closed Loop) Torque Control Wire Tensioning System 
    • Linear Motion Guide Ways 
    • All-Axes Absolute Control System 
    • Linear Glass Scale Feedback (X-Y- Axes) 
    • Optical Rotary Encoder Feedback (UV-Z-Axis) 
    • Scrap Wire Processor (Chopper) (Optional) 
    • New 14″ AT Annealing Length Improves Threading Reliability 
    • Full Time AEII (Anti-Electrolysis) Power Supply Protection 
    • Dielectric Fluid Chiller Standard 
    • Remote 360 (Remote user monitoring, diagnostics & service support)